The lockdown — a blessing in disguise?

Time. This is probably the most of what we had this year. While some of us couldn’t hold onto the gift of time and were swallowed by the ravenous claws of COvid-19, those that survived were left with the blessing of time. Now that we didn't have to commute to work or school or spend hours waiting for the rush-hour traffic to clear, we didn't leave the safety of our homes or apartments without an essential need arising, we really were blessed with a lot of time at hand.

I heard a lot of people complain that they were bored or tired of being inside the four walls for so long. However, being an introvert, I deeply enjoyed this solitude. I utilized the time to polish my programming skills and dive deeper into problem-solving. I spent a lot of time looking into new projects and ideas and gave myself ample time to actually work with things I genuinely enjoyed.

I also took the time to delve within myself and discover a new me, a me I never had the time to fully observe. I discovered my truest passions, my deepest urges, my peace, and my happiness. And to me, that was all a blessing.

While every morning I thank my lucky stars that my loved ones and I are alive and healthy, I also thank the time I got this year to rediscover myself, to reestablish my likes and dislikes, and reenergize myself for the days to come.




Software Engineer at Headstorm

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Adrika Khan

Adrika Khan

Software Engineer at Headstorm

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